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Chemistry Camp

Chemistry Camp: October 20 – 22

Join us for this enjoyable and intensive 3-day session, led by co-founder of Senspoint LLC, Dr. Hoby Wedler. In this session, students will learn how blind and low vision professionals use chemistry in their careers. They will explore ways to make chemistry accessible, perform hands-on experiments, apply techniques to some basic cooking chemistry, see chemistry come alive in an exhilarating magic show and interact with blind and sighted scientists. There will also be general camp fun and evening activities. Ten to fifteen blind high school students ages 14-18 will be selected to participate.

Throughout the weekend, students will have quality time to socialize amongst themselves and with blind mentors and instructors. Students will be put into groups of three and each group will work with a sighted lab assistant during Chemistry exercises. Blind mentors and instructors will also be on hand to provide support and act as role models for blind students and sighted lab assistants alike.

Apply today.
For more program information please contact:
Angela Fowler, Director of planning
Accessible Science Email: fowlers@syix.com
Phone: 530-902-0987

High School Students — Get Ready for Reactions at Chemistry Camp 2016

Students watch a chemistry experiment during Chemistry Camp.Would you like to learn how blind people tackle the visual subject of organic chemistry successfully? Do you have a general love for science? Do you want to learn how you can do chemistry as a blind person just as successfully as your sighted peers? Are you interested in how blind professionals use science in their careers every day? If the answer to any of these is “Yes!” then the 2016 Chemistry Camp is for you.

Join the LightHouse, Accessible Science and Credo High School for an educational, exciting, and fun-filled weekend of hands-on science.

When: Friday, March 18, 2016 through Sunday, March 20, 2016.
Where: Enchanted Hills Camp, 3410 Mt Veeder Rd, Napa, CA 94558
Who: Up to twelve legally blind high school students will be selected to participate. Don’t hesitate to apply if you are in middle school or just out of high school. We do make exceptions.
Cost: There is no cost to apply for the program.
For more information and to apply, visit: http://www.accessiblescience.org/chemistrycamp.

Questions? Email Angela Fowler at angela.fowler@accessiblescience.org.

Funded in part by American Honda Foundation.