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Blindcraft Stamp

Clean Out Your Attics and Basements

LightHouse is accumulating historical items from our past, and we need your help. The history of the blind in the Bay Area is precious to us, and we intend to display much of it in an homage to where we’ve been over the 112 years of the LightHouse.

Find out how you can help.


Adaptations September Product of the Month

Now available at our store: The Brooks Technology Talking Infrared Thermometer. A cooking and safety aid for the blind and a handy assistive tool for just about anyone. Simply point the device in the direction of a heat source and press the button.
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Redbox Settlement for Legally Blind Californians

After a 3 year effort by LightHouse and Disability Rights Advocates, blind Californians will now be able to access Redbox kiosks using a tactile keypad and speech.
Read how you might qualify to partake in part of the class action suit here.

Patti Rose

Meet Patti Rose

A unique employee for our unique North Coast satellite office. Basic gardening is too banal for LightHouse Program Assistant Patti Rose who supports our North Coast office serving blind and visually impaired folks living in Humboldt and Del Norte counties.
Read more about Patti here.

Marianne Haas

Our Latest Employment Success: Marianne Haas

“I always wanted to become an advocate. I love teaching people how to advocate for themselves – and now I am doing it! ” says Marianne Haas.
Read more about Marianne’s new job.

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