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Go Paperless with the Versa Slate Braille Writer from Adaptations

Go Paperless with the Versa Slate Braille Writer from Adaptations

Have you ever wished you had a handy, portable on-the-go way to jot down a quick Braille note? Or maybe keep a current “to do” or “grocery” Braille list conveniently on your refrigerator or at your desk? Don’t we all. So, our Adaptations crew decided it’s time we now carry the new paperless Versa Slate.

This sleek paperless Braille slate is designed to hold 4 lines containing up to 20 cells each. The stylus attaches magnetically to the body of the slate and the entire package can be placed inside a magnetic carrying case. The slate will stay affixed to any metal surface and the dots can be erased by a sequence of buttons on the underside of the slate. The Versa Slate also makes a great practice tool for anyone who is just learning Braille. Awesome, right? There you have it folks, the perfect on-the-go Braille note taker and fridge-friendly reminder list!

Shop the Versa Slate with Case, along with our many other Braille writing tools, online at Adaptations.org. If you need assistance shopping, have questions for our knowledgeable staff, or are seeking advice on which product will best suit your specific preferences and needs, you can email Adaptations at adaptations@lighthouse-sf.org, give us a call at 888-400-8933, or chat with us via the Be My Eyes mobile app. Let Adaptations help you shop gifts for that special blind or low vision someone in your life (or yourself!) this holiday season.