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Audium Offers a Journey Through San Francisco Neighborhoods By Sound

Audium Offers a Journey Through San Francisco Neighborhoods By Sound

By Maia Scott, Adult Programs Coordinator

Next Tuesday, the LightHouse community at large will be treated to a private descriptive tour and performance at Audium on Bush St., near Franklin in the heart of San Francisco.

After exploring artworks in the lobby, imagine yourself seated comfortably in a domed space in the pitch dark. There, you journey through San Francisco neighborhoods, from the Tenderloin to Ocean Beach, through a series of artistically modified soundscapes.

Audium’s website describes the wonders of their theater space,  “Audium—the first theater of its kind in the world—has been pioneering the idea of live sound movement for over 50 years. The installation consists of a foyer, sound labyrinth and main performance space with over 176 speakers in total. Sounds are “sculpted” through their movement, direction, speed and intensity on multiple planes in space.”

In years past, the LightHouse community has visited Audium to experience their innovative sound theater. Audium offers a rare opportunity to experience the shape of space eyes-free. Indeed, the minds behind Audium challenge special sensibilities of all people willing to explore.

This half-century of sound innovation started with its two creators pushing the limits of sculpting music, and now continues going strong as a family business. In fact, the son of one of Audium’s creators will be offering the LightHouse community a free, private afternoon tour of the space followed by an opportunity to ask questions and share about the experience.

What: Audium – Immersive Sound Experience
When: Tuesday, August 9 from 1:45 pm to 3:30 pm (Performance will start promptly at 2:00)
Where: 1616 Bush Street, San Francisco Please note: The restrooms at Audium are unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.
RSVP: By August 6 to 415-694-7608 or email communityservices@lighthouse-sf.org.