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What’s the Worst Disabled Character in Film? This Year, the Dissies are Back

It’s no secret: When it comes  to representations of disability, Hollywood has its foibles. From characters who flounder, flinch, flake, or fully mis-represent a whole population of persons with disabilities, we are used to seeing films that are less than accurate. That’s one of the reasons the LightHouse is proud to present Superfest: International Disability Film Festival, now in its thirtieth year, to promote the films that make you think differently about people who are different.

Dissies poster mimicking Academy Awards, from Superfest 2013The Dissies” was originally started at Superfest 2013 as our answer to the disabled film characters who, frankly, sucked – the biggest stinkers, if you will. This year, we’re bringing it back with a whole fresh bunch of bad ones, and we want you to vote. For the full info and ballot, head over to the Longmore Institute, who are hosting the voting process.