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Enchanted Hills Camp “Give Back” Summer Concerts

Enchanted Hills Camp “Give Back” Summer Concerts

This summer we’re hosting a series of virtual music concerts on Facebook Live to support Enchanted Hills Camp. Each concert will be headlined by musicians with a passion for and connection to Enchanted Hills Camp.

The schedule for July is:

July 2:
Masceo Williams 5:30 to 6:30 pm
July 16: Mariana Sandoval-Lintz 5:30 to 6:30 pm
July 31: EHC Music Camp Students 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Each concert will be hosted on Facebook Live on our Enchanted Hills Camp Facebook page. You don’t need a Facebook account to join.

We’re asking for your help to raise $20,000 for a new well at EHC. A new well will allow us to be more self-sufficient and less reliant on water from our spring. In the driest years, the spring has just barely covered our water needs during the busiest camp sessions. One year, alarmingly we had to truck in water. With a drought upon us once more, we sought to remedy this issue by prospecting for a new well. We did it! We struck liquid gold, in the form of H2O. The well production is estimated at 20,000 gallons of water per day which is enough to fill the EHC swimming pool.

The new well will also ensure that we have adequate water for campers without worry and take on new projects. We are leveling the Rec Field, getting rid of the ankle-twisting divots and bumps, and irrigating the field for beep baseball, audible soccer and other team sports. Fruit trees and vegetable gardens that campers tend will also be possible.

A black baby goat born spring 2021 at Enchanted Hills Camp

The five largest donors to this project will have the special honor of choosing names for Enchanted Hills newest residents, five new baby goats.

Support EHC by purchasing an EHC tee-shirt.

Text any amount to give for the EHC well project to 415-707-7864.

Donate to Enchanted Hills Camp

Everything EHC Podcast: A Peek into our Camp’s Day-to-Day

Everything EHC Podcast: A Peek into our Camp’s Day-to-Day

Enchanted Hills Camp’s Enrichment Area Leader Masceo Williams is putting a fresh spin on Enchanted Hills Camp in Napa, California through his new podcast, Everything EHC.

“Years from now, I want people to be able to look back and see what we were doing in the past. There are so many interesting people here, and I want to be able to capture their stories through the podcast,” says Masceo (pronounced May-cee-o).

Masceo, who is blind, got involved with camp in 2014 as the nature area leader and has continued being an active member of the EHC community. He started the podcast to raise awareness about the camp within the blind community, and show what camp has done for the diverse group of both blind and sighted individuals who come back year after year.

Though LightHouse can’t take any credit for producing the podcast, LightHouse and EHC employees have featured in numerous episodes. As Masceo said in his first episode, the podcast is “recorded at EHC, by EHC, and for EHC.” The 30 episodes recorded so far, with the promise of many more to come over the summer, cover everything from camp history to band and movie reviews. In each episode, Masceo interviews a featured guest and collects a wide variety of perspectives on camp. He has featured camp director Tony Fletcher, camp counselors and other leaders, and both campers and parents during the summer’s first session of family camp.

By speaking to so many individuals, some who are new to camp and others who are very familiar with EHC’s charm, he conveys the true enchantment and beauty found there. EHC is a place where blind campers—adults and children—can find independence and lifelong friends all in the space of a few days. The property is also rented out during the off-season, allowing others to partake in its mystique while simultaneously benefitting the blind community.

Listen to a few of our favorites:

Episode 1: Get to know Camp Director Tony Fletcher

Episode 12: Chilling with Camp Counselor Nasir & Volunteer Vinay

Episode 18: With Camp regular Ken Rossi