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What does NASA’s Mars Ingenuity Helicopter look like?

What does NASA’s Mars Ingenuity Helicopter look like?

Mars helicopter tactile graphic with braille labels, front and top views with legs, fuselage, and 2 sets of rotors.

Title: Mars Ingenuity Helicopter

Description: Side and top views of Mars Ingenuity Helicopter with braille labels. Side view labels from top: telecommunication, solar panel, rotor system, fuselage, landing system. Top view shows solar panel, telecommunication, and rotors with arrow showing rotation, labeled: rotating carbon fiber blades, 1.2m diameter.

Download Graphic

ZIP folder contains files for producing tactile graphics on 8.5 x 11-inch paper, portrait:

  • PRN for ViewPlus Columbia / Delta, APH PixBlaster, IRIE BrailleTrac / BrailleSheet;
  • PDF for Swell, Microcapsule or PIAF;
  • Reference PDF with corresponding large print text (not for tactile production).

Printing Instructions and Supported Embossers

How to unzip/uncompress: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, MacOS.

Source: Mars Helicopter Ingenuity Quick Facts, Mars Helicopter Status Updates, Mars Helicopter Ingenuity Fact Sheet (PDF)

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