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LightHouse Interpoint: Weekly Essays by the Best Blind Writers

LightHouse Interpoint: the best writing by blind writers

“Interpoint,” strictly speaking, is a term used in braille production to describe a two-sided braille page. Both a non-visual marvel and a clever embossing technology, Interpoint represents everything that LightHouse for the Blind stands for and continues to promote — a chance to learn about blindness from both sides.

Beginning last summer, LightHouse has been on a mission to reach out and collect work from some of the world’s best blind writers who are blind or have low vision, to bring them all together in one place. Beginning March 1, we are proud to introduce Interpoint, our new literary supplement which will publish a fresh perspective on blindness every Tuesday on the LightHouse blog. At LightHouse, we know that blindness cuts across all demographics and all types of life experiences, and it is our aim to show off this wide diversity of points of view in one active forum.

Our first submission is from blind Berkeley professor and noted author Georgina Kleege. Read “On Being Who I Am: My Life As a Tall Woman” on our website now, and stay tuned for a new Interpoint essay from blind journalist Michelle Hackman, coming March 8.


A Month of Blind Women

As a celebration of our new commitment to publish blind writers from all walks of life, we have partnered up with renowned lit and culture blog “The Toastto kick off this new adventure with an entire Month of Blind Women. For four weeks in March, The Toast will help us spread the word about LightHouse Interpoint by cross-posting our essays to share with their massive audience. If you haven’t heard of The Toast, we encourage you to check out their site and stay tuned for all the thoughtful, funny, touching essays to come.


A bit more about LightHouse Interpoint:

With Interpoint, we hope to publish diverse blind perspectives that may never otherwise reach a mainstream audience. We are keenly aware that there is a lack of good writing from blind authors in mainstream publications, and not only do we hope to amplify the voice of the blindness community, but we will encourage partnerships with mainstream publications in this regard. 

It is our goal to present as many different viewpoints as possible. We hope that in doing so, we’ll not only strengthen the blindness community from within, but encourage those who don’t consider themselves “defined” by blindness or “involved” in the community, to join the conversation and start thinking differently about how diversity and difference plays a role in their own lives.


How can I submit?

LightHouse Interpoint is edited by Will Butler, who can be reached directly for pitches and submissions of work at wbutler@lighthouse-sf.org. Read more about our submission guidelines here. Currently we only publish pieces from writers who are blind or have low vision, or demonstrate an otherwise intimate experience of blindness. Because of the volume of submissions, turnaround time is not always immediate, but we try to respond to every writer who expresses interest in working closely with us on developing an essay. If accepted, all of our writers are paid for their work.

The best way you can participate in Interpoint is to sound off in the comments and share enthusiastically within your network. Please email communications@lighthouse-sf.org if you’d like to recommend a writer, submit a pitch, or just give us some feedback.