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Get your Adaptations holiday shopping done before the Winter Break

Get your Adaptations holiday shopping done before the Winter Break

Happy holidays from everyone’s favorite blindness accessibility store, Adaptations! With the end-of-the-year holidays just weeks away, you’ll want to head on over to Adaptations.org to make those last-minute holiday purchases. Dazzle your loved ones with tactile and Braille holiday cards, designed and produced in-house by LightHouse’s MAD Lab and sold exclusively at our store. Scroll through our Braille calendars and planners for the new year and be sure to check out the Adaptations Discount Corner for special deals on a variety of blindness products. But you’ll want to hurry, as the days are counting down to the LightHouse organization-wide Winter Break.

While we invite all our shoppers to order during the LightHouse Winter Break. Our last day to ship physical items in 2021 will be Wednesday, December 22. Orders received by Monday, December 20 will ship on Wednesday, December 22. Any Items ordered between December 21 and January 2 will ship after LightHouse returns on January 3. Feel free to shop within the break period to secure your must-have items, just note that there will be a slight hold on shipping until our return in January. We thank you for your business and wish every one of our customers a very special, happy, and healthy holiday season!

Adaptations Featured Products for the Month of June

Adaptations Featured Products for the Month of June

With every month brings exciting new products and discounts to Adaptations. This June we are all about giving our shoppers the best deals out there.

To honor LightHouse Day on June 10, Adaptations is offering 10% all LightHouse hoodies, t-shirts, and tote bags for the entire month of June! Rep your favorite blindness organization and save money doing it when you enter the promo code LH10 at checkout. LightHouse Day is just around the corner, show up for our virtual celebration in true LightHouse style.

10% isn’t our only discount we’re giving out this month. How’s 50% sound? 2021 has made it to the halfway mark and so has the price on our Braille calendars. Pencil in—or rather stylus in—all your important dates and appointments for the next six months on our 50% off calendars. It’s never too late in the year to get organized.

In case you just can’t get enough of our deals, check out the Adaptations Discount Corner. We regularly add new products to our collection of low-priced treasures essential for any blind or low vision shopper. Looking for a backup cane? Maybe a new magnifier? If you are looking for a deal on a talking watch or wireless headphone, the Adaptations Discount Corner has got you covered.

Visit Adaptations.org today and start filling up that virtual shopping cart with all our discounted goodies! If you need assistance navigating our online store, you can always download the Be My Eyes App and chat directly with our knowledgeable and friendly shopping assistants. Adaptations is all about making accessibility easy and affordable. For any additional help or inquiries, contact us by calling 1-888-400-8933 or email adaptations@lighthouse-sf.org. Happy shopping and even happier saving, everyone!

A New Place to Drop in to on Our Adaptations Website

A New Place to Drop in to on Our Adaptations Website

The countdown to 2021 is here and as you take advantage of those post-holiday sales, why not check out Discount Corner, a new section on our Adaptations Store website?

Discount corner items are available while supplies last, so get in quick to check them out.

Looking for a colorful cane? Why not get an Ambutech folding cane with a green, blue or orange handle? These aluminum canes are sturdy and come with a marshmallow tip.

Need magnification? We’ve got both illuminated and nonilluminated magnifying glasses. Or, for a more high-tech magnification solution, why not purchase an Explorē electronic magnifier with different color modes, the ability to take an image of what you’re magnifying and then zoom in on the image and ports to connect to a large monitor.

Speaking of high tech, why not grab some Aftershokz headphones which use bone conduction, so your ears are free to hear people and traffic approaching? These are perfect when you’re out for a walk and want to listen to directions from a GPS or wayfinding app, all while keeping a social distance from passers-by.

We will always be adding products to Discount Corner, so keep checking back. If you’ve got questions, our store staff will be around to answer them through December 23 before returning on January 4. Contact them at 1-888-400-8933, adaptations@lighthouse-sf.org or through LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired under specialized help in the Be My Eyes app.