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LightHouse Volunteers Can Help Schedule Vaccination Appointments

LightHouse Volunteers Can Help Schedule Vaccination Appointments

If you need support in completing any forms or navigating websites in order to schedule your COVID-19 vaccination appointment, please reach out to LightHouse and we’ll pair you with a volunteer to assist you in completing these documents. We have volunteers on hand who will be able to assist you in your appointment scheduling needs. Reach out to our Volunteer Services Team at 415-694-7320 or volunteer@lighthouse-sf.org.

Please note: LightHouse volunteers are not health experts and they cannot answer any questions about the vaccine itself or its health implications. If you have questions about the vaccine and your health, please contact your doctor.

In addition to helping students access vaccine appointment signups, LightHouse offers a variety of volunteer services. As Allyson Ferrari, Volunteer Manager puts it, “While we continue to shelter in place, we have volunteers volunteering in place! We do still have committed volunteers who can help you with whatever support you may need.”

And if you’re interested in becoming a volunteer yourself, check out the Volunteer at LightHouse webpage.