The Windows 10 desktop with the Start Menu open

Welcome to Windows 10

Welcome to Windows 10

Nov 7

Welcome to Windows 10! Come join the LightHouse access tech team as we explore features and functions of Windows 10, yes Windows 10.

Do you have concerns, are you skeptical, do you wonder why you can’t stick with Windows 7 instead of learning a new operating system? The time has come to make the transition and we will help to allay your concerns and share our knowledge of the differences between Windows7 and Windows 10. We will point out some of the new features of Windows 10, explore both the similarities and differences between the two operating systems and explain why the transition has become necessary.

You must be an enrolled LightHouse student to participate. To sign up for the class, contact Shen Kuan at 415-694-7312 or This class is free to participants through support from the City of San Francisco’s SF Connected program.

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