Triumph of Love Haptic Tour & Audio-Described Performance (in-person)

Triumph of Love Haptic Tour & Audio-Described Performance (in-person)

Apr 9

Shotgun Players in Berkeley is presenting a haptic tour and audio-described performance of the musical The Triumph of Love on Sunday, April 9. The haptic tour begins at 4:00 pm and the performance begins at 5:00 pm.

The Triumph of Love follows the fierce and driven princess Leonide as she adopts the dress and prerogatives of a man, invades the retreat of a rationalist philosopher who hates love (and her!), and conspires to win the object of her desire. As the emotional stakes rise, confusion abounds in hilarious and dramatic ways.

Buy tickets for The Triumph of Love or call 510-841-6500 ext 303 or email

The runtime is 2 hours and 30 minutes including two intermissions.

Shotgun Players is located at the Ashby Stage at 1901 Ashby Ave, Berkeley near the Ashby BART station.

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