The Language of Listening

The Language of Listening

May 13

Develop your listening skills for all aspects of life. The whistle of a teapot, or bubbles in a pot hint at tasty things to come. The whizz of cars in front of us are warnings, while those traveling beside us are protective. The dial tone that lets us know we are one step closer to speaking to a loved one. In this series of classes we will discuss the many ways we can sharpen our listening skills to make the most of what we hear. Whether your goal is to return to school or work, to get out and travel, prepare a special meal, or write the great American novel, we will help you separate the useful signals from all the noise, and to level up your listening skills.

While this course is focused on introducing listening skills to consumers, blind or low vision consumers of varying skill levels are welcome in this new course.  Persons interested should be comfortable learning in a group setting and committed to actively participate in all six classes.  Additionally, consumers must be able to access the Zoom platform, and able to hear and understand spoken English and sounds of various pitches/tones. Bobbi Pompey, Independent Living Specialist and Amy Mason, Access Technology will take the lead in facilitating this course.

This class runs May 11, 13, 18, 20, 25 & 27 from 9:45 am to 12:15 pm.

The fee for this 12-hour course is $495 and is limited to ten consumers. Course materials needed for this course are headphones, for those who need headphones, there is a materials fee of $100.  This course may be supported by the Department of Rehabilitation with approval and authorizations (individuals must first contact their counselors). Authorizations may be sent to  Limited scholarships are available for eligible students. If you are brand new to the LightHouse and interested in this course, contact Debbie Bacon, LightHouse Rehabilitation Counselor at  For those who have participated in classes at the LightHouse and are interested in registering for this course, contact Briana Kusuma at  Briana will ensure you are connected with course instructors.

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