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Tech Together Online

Oct 19

October 5: Smart Speakers: Setup and Basics
If you're an access technology user, you likely spend lots of time listening to machines. Today, let's talk about talking to smart speakers. We'll cover setup and configuration of smart speakers featuring Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant, and share some ways all three can help you get things done.

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October 12: Smart Speakers: Next Steps
After last week's introduction to Siri, Alexa and Google, let's take a deeper dive into each smart speaker’s skills. We'll share the tasks that each virtual assistant performs the best. All three have their strengths and struggle points, but which one will be the winner for you?

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October 19: Intro to Access Technology
What is accessible technology and how do we learn to use it? If you, a friend or family member are a person who is new to blindness or having low vision, or new to using access technology tools, this event is for you.We’ll demonstrate how you can use mainstream tools like smartphones, voice assistants, and computers, as well as a few specialized gadgets for reading books and recording information at the touch of a button. We’ll talk about what services and resources are available for learning to use these tools, and we’ll give some tips for friends and family members who want to be supportive of the learning process.

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October 26: Meet the Access Technology Team
Following our discussion in which we introduced access technology, let’s take a look at the people behind the machines. Each trainer will discuss their favorite device or software that they teach, their favorite productivity tool, and their favorite app for entertainment.

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