Tech Together (online)

Tech Together (online)

Aug 30

August 2: Tech on Task
Whether you’re headed back to school, back to work, or just want to perform tasks more efficiently, productivity involves more than knowing the right screen reader or magnification commands. We’ll share our approach to managing time and tasks, choosing the right tools and format to get a job done, hearing screen readers and conversations at once, and explaining how we work with access technology to others.

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August 9: Take Note
Are you tracking a dozen Zoom meetings a week? How about preparing for an upcoming exam? Are you trying to keep track of the names and numbers of folks you've met through online networking events? Perhaps you are preparing for school, in person, or in the virtual classroom. Maybe you are simply interested in learning different ways to take notes. We will discuss the different aspects to notetaking and the uses of adaptive notetaking tools and devices such as digital recorders, Braille devices, and notetaking solutions on smartphones.

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August 16: Devices Part 1: Unboxing Accessibly
One task our access technology team frequently assists with is device set up. With hands-on demos plus tips and tricks, we’ll show how we configure a PC or iPhone to be accessible as soon as we take it out of the box, and initial settings that can make the set up and learning experience go more smoothly.

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August 23: Devices Part 2: Configure and Customize
Following last week’s session on device setup, we’ll delve deeper into the settings you can change to configure your accessibility experience. From views to verbosity, you have many choices when customizing your device, we’ll highlight some which have made a big difference for ourselves and our students.

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August 30: Devices Part 3: Maintenance and Security
Regular maintenance and good security practices can save you many frustrations. We’ll share tips and best practices for accessible ways to keep your computer running smoothly.

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