Tech Together (online)

Tech Together (online)

May 17

May 3: #GetSocial
If you’re new to social media or want to explore social media platforms that are new to you, you won’t want to miss this session. What’s a friend, a like, a follow, a hashtag? Do your friends keep asking if you’re on Facebook? How do you use Twitter with a screen reader? Join us for what’s sure to be a fun and informative whirlwind tour of the many flavors of social media.

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May 10: Computers Part 1: Let's Talk Hardware
What is a CPU, and what does it do? What is RAM, and how much do you need? If you've asked these questions, you are certainly not alone. Join the Access Technology team, and we'll discuss computer hardware components as well as specifications that will serve you best as an access software user and help you in your decision-making process. We'll even demystify some of the jargon along the way!

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May 17: Accessibility Advocacy for Global Accessibility Awareness Day
Did you know that Thursday, May 19th is Global Accessibility Awareness Day? We’ll talk about how this day is observed and discuss how to advocate for our digital accessibility needs.

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May 24: Computers Part 2: Let's Talk Peripherals
Following our earlier discussion about computer hardware, the Access Technology team will be discussing the types of devices you can connect to your computer to streamline your productivity and overall experience: keyboards, headsets, USB drives, printers and more.

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