Tech Together

Tech Together

Feb 9

Join the LightHouse Access Technology team for a series of informal conversations on technology topics relevant to these current times. Tech Together is a chance to share your knowledge and experience, as well as learn from other blind technology users. LightHouse Access Technology staff share tips and resources on each week’s topic. Then there is time for LightHouse students and friends to add to the conversation, as we all learn from each other.

Topics are decided on a rolling basis as our community’s needs evolve during shelter in place.

Or leave a voicemail at 510-925-2943. Online registration is preferred.

Upcoming Topics

February 2

Tech Together: Just Google It!

If you’ve ever heard this phrase, or if you’ve ever searched online only to find yourself wading through pages of results that are not quite what you’re looking for, join us for a discussion of how to use web searches to find what you need when you need it.

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February 9

Tech Together: Formatting is Fabulous

Did you know that formatting your documents can not only make them easier for sighted readers to enjoy, but also make them easier for blind users to read and navigate? Join us to learn how simple formatting commands can have a big impact on the documents you create.

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February 16

Tech Together: Proofread Like a Pro

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re spelling a word right or wanted to check a document for stray tabs or commas, join us for this discussion of how to proofread your work while using access technology.

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February 23

Tech Together: App Architecture

Just as knowing how to use headings and links can make browsing the web with access technology easier, knowing some common elements to look for when you’re exploring a new app can be a helpful tool. We’ll talk about tabs, menus, pickers and more.

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