Raising Cane: All About the Long White Cane (online)

Raising Cane: All About the Long White Cane (online)

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Jun 23

Without the one-on-one guidance of an Orientation and Mobility Specialist or experienced cane user, buying, replacing or even adding to your white cane options can be a daunting task. Whether you are new to blindness yourself and need to buy your first cane, or are an experienced cane user who just doesn't remember the brand or model of cane and tip that you have always used, the variety and breadth of cane choices are both bewildering and exciting. What's great is that you have choices, and Sarah McIntyre, LightHouse O&M Specialist and resident 'Cane Whisperer' will introduce you to your options.

During this two-hour Zoom Workshop, we will discuss cane length, construction factors that affect performance, and what to consider when purchasing a cane. A wide variety of the most popular canes and cane tips on the market will be discussed, including the uniqueness of each one. Workshop attendees will have a chance to ask questions throughout the two hours.

The fee for this two-hour Workshop is $82.50. If you are not a consumer of the Department of Rehabilitation or VA and live in the following counties, you may be eligible for a scholarship. The counties include: San Francisco, San Mateo, Alameda, Marin, Humboldt (55 an older), Del Norte (55 an older) and Trinity (55 and older).

Please RSVP no later than June 19, 2020 so that Zoom meeting details can be sent to you directly.  Authorizations from DOR and the VA must also arrive by this date.

For more information, contact Sarah McIntyre smcintyre@lighthouse-sf.org

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