Polishing to Perfection: LightHouse Student Woodworkers Club

Polishing to Perfection: LightHouse Student Woodworkers Club

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Dec 11

Polishing to Perfection: LightHouse Student Woodworkers Club
Second Saturday of the month @ 7:00 pm

During the last few years of teen session at EHC, our youth have been lucky to have a group of wood workers inspire our campers to take up the hobby. In order to encourage youth to further their excitement around this craft, the LightHouse Youth Program will be hosting a monthly virtual wood polishing club. In addition to making space for EHC and LightHouse friends to connect while polishing wood into art, we will invite a woodworker who is blind or has low vision to join us and share their story and share wisdom with the next generation of artiest.

Students that sign up for the program will receive the basic materials and equipment to get started with wood polishing. Those students that remain active in the program and improve their skill will become eligible for additional raw materials that they can turn into art or gifts for loved ones. The polishing party takes place on the second Saturday of the month at 7:00pm. Each gathering will have time dedicated to update others about their projects, learn a little about that month’s mentor, and most importantly have as much time as the evening will allow to hangout and polish with your blind and low vision friends.

Who: teens and young adults that are blind or low vision
What: virtual gathering space for young wood workers to connect with their EHC friends and other blind and low vision woodworkers from all over
When: second Saturday of the month @ 7:00pm
Where: anywhere you can access a zoom meeting
RSVP: for students those that RSVP at least one week prior to the program gathering will receive in the mail cooking supplies for that month’s recipes

If you are interested in signing up for the Polishing to Perfection: LightHouse Student Woodworkers Club, please contact Jamey Gump by email at jgump@lighthouse-sf.org or by phone at (415) 694-7372.

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