O&M Immersion Program with Guide Dogs for the Blind

O&M Immersion Program with Guide Dogs for the Blind

(All day)
Jan 13 Jan 19

Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB) is now offering an Orientation & Mobility Immersion Program! Our week long program is designed to develop those O&M skills most relevant to guide dog mobility. Students will work with specially trained O&M specialists at one of our partner organizations and will be instructed on various techniques such as:

  • Increasing awareness of the environmental information available to a guide dog traveler.
  • Developing an understanding of how to use auditory information like traffic sounds to remain oriented and to achieve correct alignment during general travel and street crossings.
  • Using auditory information to analyze different types of intersections and determine the best time to initiate street crossings.
  • Developing the ability to estimate the distance walked relative to the time taken (time-distance estimation).

Students will also participate in exercises to help simulate travel with a guide dog (Juno exercises) and learn to apply their sensory awareness and travel skills in a practical way. First time students will get to participate in Juno exercises with a guide dog instructor followed by an experience walk with a guide dog on the same route.


For more information, or to apply for a future program please visit us at guidedogs.com or contact Danielle Velken, Outreach, O&M Program Coordinator at dvelken@guidedogs.com | 415-492-4121 | 800-295-4050 ext 4121 (Toll Free)

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