Enchanted Hills Camp employee Linda Fonseca uses large print note-taking tools to write about the 70th anniversary of EHC at a Hands On workshop. Photo by Sarika Dagar.
Photo by Sarika Dagar

Hands-On Tactile Development (online)

Hands-On Tactile Development (online)

Jul 17

Hands On Goes Virtual! Who? Students who find themselves wanting to add to their repertoire of Independent Living Skills and want to actively participate in learning, problem solving, and dialog with a small group.

What Will You Do: Each week, ILS Instructors Dawn Leeflang and Bobbi Pompey will share information, skills, tips and tricks related to the theme. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, share your knowledge, and learn from other students. By the end of each session you will have learned new skills that you can immediately begin using in your day-to-day routine

Where: Zoom conference calls will be used for each session. Once you haves RSVP’s you will get the dial-in information.

When: Sessions will occur each Friday between 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

The July 17 class will be on tactile development.

Starting in June, we will do a Tactile Development Series. Participants are encouraged to attend all workshops, if possible.This series will culminate with the creation of a Personal Vision Board (for example, a collage, a portrait, or abstract art), combining the skills learned and various sensory materials.

June 5: Introduction to Tactile Development and Practical Applications around the home.

June 12: Using Tactile Sense for Organization and Labeling
Practice using your tactile (and other) senses to identify items, and learn ways to organize, label and mark items in your home or office. Time to raid your junk drawer, for rubber bands, safety pins, paper clips, and more...and perhaps organize that drawer in the process!

June 19: Using Tactile Sense for Games, Hobbies, and Puzzles
Please RSVP by 4pm on 6/12, to receive materials in the mail ahead of time. Learn about adapted games, how to adapt your own games with tactile markers. Participants will make their own tic-tac-toe board, and challenge themselves with a jigsaw puzzle.

June 26: Using Tactile Sense in the Kitchen
Learn several “kitchen hacks” or ways to use your tactile sense in the kitchen. Participants will make 1 or 2 simple treats that will engage their tactile sense. (Specific ingredients needed will be released, once enrolled).

July 3: Culminating Project

All questions are welcome. Stay tuned for future topics!

How Do I Sign Up: Please RSVP to Briana Kusuma at bkusuma@lighthouse-sf.org or 415-694-7335.

The Hands On Series of workshops are designed to not only provide information, but to provide hands on experience completing tasks and mastering skills. At the end of each workshop you will walk away with at least one skill that you can begin using in your life immediately. Each workshop will have a theme within the umbrella of Independent Living Skills. Themes may include; note taking, house hold projects, DIY cleaning products, make-up, household/office organization, container gardening, and meal prepping just to name a few!

Sessions will occur each Friday from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. over Zoom. Students of all backgrounds and experience levels are welcome to attend.

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