Eco-friendly Arts and Crafts Club

Eco-friendly Arts and Crafts Club

May 15

Eco-friendly Arts and Crafts Club
Saturday, May 15th from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Do you like making things? Do you have a green thumb with plants? Would you like to have fun with friends creating art that is friendly to our environment? LightHouse might have the perfect virtual gathering for you. Join us for our Eco Arts and crafts club, where we will explore different arts and craft projects with our blind and low vision friends from all over. In January our art project had students making our very own Biodomes. Future projects will range from things we can make out of recycled materials you can find around your house or projects that you can put into nature knowing you will not have a negative impact on our world.

Our gathering in May will have our class leader Elie Kneer leading LightHouse students of all ages in a DYI Clay making activity. The clay that student will be making can be used to make all sort of creative sculptures. For those that sign up by Wednesday May 5th can sign up to have Lighthouse ship program supplies directly to them.

Who: LightHouse Students of all ages
What: virtual arts and crafts lesson over zoom
When: Saturday, May 15th from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Where: anywhere you can access a zoom meeting
Program Supplies: If you would like us to mail you supplies for the months program, we would need you to sign-up for the program no later than May 5th.

If you have any questions or wish to signing up for the Eco-friendly Arts and Crafts Club, please contact Jamey Gump by email at or by phone at (415) 694-7372.

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