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Mar 21

What is Yuan Gong Qigong? Glad you asked.

Qigong Teacher Dale Mirmow welcomes all who are interested in learning Qigong, a self-healing and easy to learn practice that mainly works on the physical level of the body by opening the channels in the body, and promoting the flow of energy.

Learn and practice Qigong tools that can help you with the prevention of illness, improving one’s overall health and wellbeing, as well as having more energy, feeling calmer and being better equipped to deal with stress, anxiety and pain. Learn how easy it is to incorporate Qigong into your everyday life, and experience the difference Qigong can make. Qigong can be done sitting, standing, or moving. Instructor Dale Mirmow (Level 4 - Ren Xue of the Americas) has been teaching Qigong for over six years, loves teaching and her students. For more information, contact Evening & Weekend Program Coordinator Serena Olsen at or 415-694-7316.

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