Braille Lab

Braille Lab

May 22

Starting May 8th and 22nd 2018, the Lighthouse will be offering a Braille Lab every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month from 10:00 AM to 12 PM at 1155 Market Street. San Francisco. The Braille Lab will be open for different levels of braille users, or for someone wanting to explore if Braille is right for them.

These Braille sessions will involve fun, hands-on training with practical applications that are beneficial for daily living activities at home, school and in the work place. Each month will focus on specific braille skills.

Our kick off month will start with “Anything You Want to Know About Braille – Learn its’ history, tactile exercises and introduction to basic braille”. The next months are up to you!

The Braille Lab is free to persons 55 years and older and $40 per month to those under 55. Materials will be provided to use in each class (Perkins, slates, paper, labeling aides and practice materials).

Please let us know (via email or phone contact) which topics listed below you want. We will put together a monthly schedule based on your feedback.

  • Just a – j, All about Numbers - use of braille in accessing elevators, room #, phone numbers, calendars, personal important cards, etc.
  • Do It Write! – use of slate/stylus, brailler, introduction to refreshable braille displays
  • Braille Dots Everywhere – using braille for organizing, labeling and marking, etc.
  • Let’s Play! - introduction to braille playing cards and board games
  • Need more UEB practice? Hear UEB, tips and strategies for good braille reading habits will be coveredYou can sign up now for Braille Basic’s in May.

For more detail or further inquiries please contact:
Divina Carlson at 415-694-7367 or email

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