Blind Arduino Workshop

Blind Arduino Workshop

May 12

Targeted toward introducing blind and low vision people to Arduino, participants will learn the basics of using Arduino hardware and software non visually, electronics basics, and come away with a kit of accessible supplies and measuring tools so you can start your own projects! This workshop series is run as part of Josh Miele’s Blind Arduino Project.

Arduino is a hardware and software platform that allows people to build and customize objects with introductory knowledge of electronics and coding. Popular uses of Arduino can be found in DIY smart home devices such as thermostats that adjust temperature according to the time of day, or lights that turn on and off automatically depending on the light levels outside. Arduino offers possibilities for blind and visually impaired people to customize smart home devices that might otherwise be inaccessible, and to make accessible measuring tools for completing DIY projects more independently.

  •      Where: San Francisco Lighthouse, 1155 Market St. 10th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103

Participation in both workshops is not required.  However, participation in only the second workshop requires introductory knowledge of Arduino hardware and software.

Donations accepted; participation is free. However, everyone will receive $100 in supplies. Please donate as you are able. If you already know how to use Arduino, contact us via the registration form to learn how you can volunteer. This workshop series is part of a research project. Participants will have the opportunity to opt in to the study but enrolling in the study is not required.

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