BART Safety Training (in-person)

BART Safety Training (in-person)

Jan 31

Join LightHouse and the BART Accessibility Team at the Oakland 19th Street BART station, upper level, for a BART Safety Training.

Are you a regular BART commuter, or do you only use it when you absolutely have to? Have you ever thought about what would happen if you were to accidently fall into the tracks on a BART platform? Do you know how to contact the operator for help while on a BART train? What do you do if there are no seats available?

This event will give you the opportunity to inspect a full-scale model of the track with the elusive “third rail”, along with the cubby area under the platform where one can remain safe if a train were coming. We will have a hands-on experience in a BART car to check out the seating arrangements, the door to transfer to the next car, and the location of all the safety features. The LightHouse Media and Accessible Design Lab staff will also be on hand to show you the tactile BART station maps that are available for you to order.

RSVP is strongly encouraged to ensure attendees have an opportunity to access all aspects of the presentation. To RSVP or if you have additional questions, contact Sheri Albers at, or 415-694-7331.

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