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Blind Talent: Resources for Actors, Artists and Performers

When it comes to representations of blindness in TV, film and other forms of entertainment, there’s no match for the real thing. It’s LightHouse’s mission to support people who are blind or have low vision in their passions, and we work to connect talented individuals with opportunities in the entertainment, advertising and media industries.

Our database of blind talent covers a wide range of demographic and skill levels, and we regularly consult with producers and casting agents to refer for roles. Please note: we do not advertise unpaid work or cast student documentaries via this database.

For Actors, Artists and Performers

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  • You identify as blind, low vision or visually impaired (please note: wearing glasses for vision correction does not qualify an individual as visually impaired)
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  • All sign-ups will be thoroughly reviewed.
  • Sign-ups that are incomplete, inactive or deemed inauthentic will be cleaned from the database.
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Talent / Discipline

For Studios and Casting Agents

Send casting calls, paid work opportunities and gig requests to

Story Consulting

It is of highest importance that portrayals of blindness are high-quality, accurate, and do not spread myths about disability. LightHouse offers consulting services to producers, directors and writers to ensure that writing, production and performance is up to this standard.

To inquire about our story consulting services, contact

Unpaid Interviews and Performances

Our mission is to foster the independence, self-reliance and equality of people who are blind or visually impaired, and therefore we do not use our database to recruit for unpaid or uncredited work. If you are in search of a blindness expert opinions, are writing a news story or another journalistic work, please contact