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Contribute to the LightHouse Time Capsule

Contribute to the LightHouse Time Capsule

We’re setting up a LightHouse Time Capsule in our new building, to be opened on the 200th anniversary of the LightHouse in the year 2102, 86 years from now, and we need your help.

We’d love to add your old LightHouse-related historical and more recent documents, photos and small items to our time capsule. So check your closets, garages, attics and basements, get out the old photo albums and look for particularly special snapshots or papers that are related to our history. We may utilize items for our time capsule or our history exhibits.

For example, some of the things that are destined for the time capsule include: a bottle of beer brewed by our Blind Brewers Club, tactile maps made for the TV show Daredevil and historical annual reports.

Please consider donating your LightHouse photos and memorabilia, including items associated with the Reading Room for the Blind at San Francisco Public Library and San Francisco Association for the Blind’s Blindcraft operation. Your donations may be tax-deductible and if requested at the time of donation we will gladly return original photos or negatives, after making copies. Contact Jennifer Sachs at 415-694-7333 or jsachs@lighthouse-sf.org.