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On the Future of Blindness

The LightHouse's new West Coast Center at 1155 Market St.

This morning, KQED public radio hosted LightHouse CEO Bryan Bashin to discuss the future of blindness. It wasn’t, as many discussions of blindness are, a roundup of medical cures or sob stories. Rather, it was a lucid and exciting look at the opportunities and even joys of living life with blindness or visual impairment.

This week, a new podcast called The Leap takes a deep dive into the makings of the LightHouse’s very bright future. Science reporter Amy Standen profiles an historic gift, from a fellow member of our blindness community far afield — who never stopped struggling with his changing vision. Now, with this act of generosity from Donald Sirkin, the LightHouse marches proudly ahead to become a truly 21st century hub for blindness skills training, technology development, advocacy and community support.

Get involved:

– Learn about our new West Coast Center of Excellence, under construction at 1155 Market Street in San Francisco

– Read about our Changing Vision, Changing Life introduction to blindness skills retreat

– Attend our 29th Annual Disability Film Festival, November 14-15

– Explore planned giving, workplace giving and volunteer opportunities

Media contact: press@lighthouse-sf.org