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LightHouse’s MAD Lab Receives the Robert S. Bray Award for Innovation in Tactile Graphics

LightHouse’s MAD Lab Receives the Robert S. Bray Award for Innovation in Tactile Graphics

Last week, the American Council of the Blind awarded LightHouse’s Media and Accessible Design Lab with the Robert S. Bray Award for Media Excellence at the annual conference in Reno, Nevada. The Bray Award is given to a person or a company that has improved communication technology or devices, or expanded access to such devices for all blind people.

Last year, the award was presented to LightHouse partner Apple for the company’s strides in accessibility and continued dedication to inclusion-based innovation for blind users.

MAD Lab Alternative Media Specialist Frank Welte attended the conference and accepted the award on behalf of MAD Lab.

“It was exciting to see MAD Lab recognized at a national level for the cutting edge work we’re doing in making high quality tactile graphics available to the blind community,” he says. “It’s an indication that we’re coming into a golden age in the creation of and availability of tactile graphics that are accessible to blind people. We’re seeing that greater attention is being paid to effective use of tactile graphics to communicate visual information to blind people.”

The MAD Lab has earned a reputation for producing fabulous tactile media of all kinds, including raised line drawings, tactile graphics and tactile maps like this one for Alcatraz or this one of California, and other GGRNA maps – for everything from Burning Man to BART. We are thrilled to be on the forefront of tactile innovation, education and literacy.

For a rate sheet or an informal quote on a business project, contact MADLab@lighthouse-sf.org or call 415-694-7349.

Braille, Text, and Other Media

Braille, Text, and Other Media

The LightHouse offers Braille translation, audio recording, and large print production, including conversion to DAISY formats for audio. In doing so, we provide blind individuals with print access at the speed of business, and expertly coded braille by people who know and use it on a daily basis. This includes:

  • Documents accessible to a screen reader
  • Braille business cards
  • Braille menus and other public-facing materials
  • Accessible medical records (LightHouse is certified by HIPAA to confidentially scan and provide accessible versions of consumer medical records).

By providing individuals who are unable to read conventional print with access to the printed word, the Media and Accessible Design Laboratory supports the rights of individuals to accessible information. While Braille and audio production remain cornerstones of the operation, our goal extends to any visually conveyed information.

Do you get complaints about your meeting agendas, restaurant menus or technical manuals not being accessible? Are you concerned about complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)? Does your school or work-group want to be more inclusive for all disabilities? We’re the answer to your problems.

LightHouse braille translation can quickly produce text into braille, Audio CD, MP3 files and other accessible formats for your blind and low vision readers. From six page menus to 600 page software manuals, for over 25 years we’ve taken care of customers in the Restaurant, Information Technology, Healthcare, Government and Non-Profit sectors. Our turnkey Braille production is accurate and easy to read.

Braille Translation Services

  • Restaurant menus
  • Braille-over-print publications
  • Braille business cards
  • Tactile maps and graphics

To date, some of our most popular braille documents are our Apple user guides. These complete sets of directions on how to use your iPhone, iPad or OS X operating system our guides are intelligently organized into 3 volumes of interpoint braille. Braille users will tell you, there just isn’t anything better for referencing information than hard copy. It’s not every day that a mainstream product offers blind and visually impaired users a fully formatted, highly edited and well-thought-out how-to guide, and these user guides are a fine example of the type of work we do. User Guides can be ordered by contacting us TOLL FREE: 1-888-400-8933 or adaptations@lighthouse-sf.org.

For a rate sheet or an informal quote on a business project, contact MADLab@lighthouse-sf.org.