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Blind Blood Drive

Our Blood Drive was so successful – we’re having two more

Our Blood Drive was so successful – we’re having two more

More than 60 gracious donors showed up at the LightHouse headquarters to give blood at our 6th Annual Bay Area Blind Community Blood Drive this month. We collected 56 total units of blood, which helps approximately 168 patients in need. We also welcomed cameras from ABC7 News, who did a terrific little story about the drive which you can check out below. Thank you to everyone who came out to donate and support!

Don’t miss our next blood drive on May 31.

Our annual blood drive is a much anticipated event each year, held in conjunction with the American Red Cross. We have so many eager participants that we often have to turn donors away when the slots fill up. Because of this, we’ve decided to hold two more blood drives this year, on May 31 and again in October. We hope you’ll join us!

The beauty of our blood drive is that blind and sighted donors are giving side-by-side, and all blood donated benefits anyone in need, regardless of sight. Though many don’t realize it, it’s a unique dynamic.

“The idea of a community of blind people rolling up their sleeves and giving back to a society that often thinks of them as charity cases, well, it’s just great to give back in such a life-affirming way,” said Martinez.

And though many don’t realize it, it’s a uniquely equalizing dynamic in a world that often stigmatizes blindness to the point of misinformation.

“In areas around the world, blind people would not be welcomed if they wanted to donate blood,” said Martinez. “We know that blind people are a cross-section of society and that blood coming from a blind person is no different than that of blood coming from a sighted person.”

A heartfelt thank you to the donors who came out this year, we hope to see you again in May or October this year!

Fourth Annual Blind Blood Drive a Resounding Success

Fourth Annual Blind Blood Drive a Resounding Success

On Tuesday, June 14 the LightHouse hosted Giving Blood, Giving Life: Bay Area Blind Community’s 4th Annual Day of Giving Blood Drive. It was the first blood drive to take place in our new headquarters building, made even more poignant held two days after the tragedies of Orlando.

Director of Community Services Lisamaria Martinez told us before the event, “Blind people are often on the receiving end of philanthropy. At the LightHouse, we actively strive toward changing the perceptions the public has of the abilities of blind people.”

Today she went on to say, “We’re so grateful for the terrific response from our community. Thirty-nine generous people donated 32 ounces of life-saving blood, including LightHouse students, staff and community members, both first timers and regular donors. Every chair was full, all day long.”

We thank all those who participated and look forward to an even bigger response next year.