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Our makeup workshop put its best face forward

Our makeup workshop put its best face forward

At LightHouse, we’re excited to provide educational workshops on everything from cane use, to cooking to putting your best face forward with makeup. Applying makeup is a learned skill that requires practice and attention to detail, and can involve artistry or light, casual application.

The LightHouse Rehabilitation Department, in partnership with Employment Immersion, hosted a new class called “Putting Your Best Face Forward: Using Makeup to Enhance Your Professional Appearance.” LightHouse Independent Living Skills Specialists Bobbi Pompey and Dawn Leeflang, along with Kate Williams, Manager of Employment Immersion teamed up with beauty industry professionals from Benefit Cosmetics.

Kate Williams, who is blind, says she believes makeup can be a tool for self-care and empowerment.

“Frequently, blind women have said, ‘I’m afraid to wear makeup…I just don’t know how to do it,’” Kate remarks.

When Kate’s vision started changing, a manager at Benefit gave her brushes and taught her how to apply makeup non-visually. This experience helped her maintain the self-presentation that had always been part of her appearance and routine.

“I’ve always worn makeup,” she says.

Kate adds that she was excited to use this workshop to pass on makeup skills to blind people who may not have sought it out otherwise.

Bobbi says that this workshop did indeed give one student who was initially trepidatious about wearing makeup the push to incorporate it into her routine.

“We let blind people know that the barrier to wearing makeup is more of an imagined barrier, and that if you want to enhance your appearance for work, or fun or going on a date or whatever, you can do it and there are ways to do it.”

Kate says that she feels makeup is good for building confidence, and that she believes it is important for people to do what they can to make themselves feel attractive and presentable.

At the workshop, students received hands-on instruction on how to apply eye and face makeup and also label and organize their products and tools. Makeup artists also demonstrated application on students. Check out our photos from the event!

If this workshop interests you, check out our monthly calendar which if full of exciting, rotating programs and events.