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A New Place to Drop in to on Our Adaptations Website

A New Place to Drop in to on Our Adaptations Website

The countdown to 2021 is here and as you take advantage of those post-holiday sales, why not check out Discount Corner, a new section on our Adaptations Store website?

Discount corner items are available while supplies last, so get in quick to check them out.

Looking for a colorful cane? Why not get an Ambutech folding cane with a green, blue or orange handle? These aluminum canes are sturdy and come with a marshmallow tip.

Need magnification? We’ve got both illuminated and nonilluminated magnifying glasses. Or, for a more high-tech magnification solution, why not purchase an Explorē electronic magnifier with different color modes, the ability to take an image of what you’re magnifying and then zoom in on the image and ports to connect to a large monitor.

Speaking of high tech, why not grab some Aftershokz headphones which use bone conduction, so your ears are free to hear people and traffic approaching? These are perfect when you’re out for a walk and want to listen to directions from a GPS or wayfinding app, all while keeping a social distance from passers-by.

We will always be adding products to Discount Corner, so keep checking back. If you’ve got questions, our store staff will be around to answer them through December 23 before returning on January 4. Contact them at 1-888-400-8933, adaptations@lighthouse-sf.org or through LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired under specialized help in the Be My Eyes app.