Infographic: How can you keep our streets safe for blind pedestrians?

Infographic 1, view description below.

Infographic Text:

There are 18,162 blind pedestrians in San Francisco.

Blind people walking with a cane or guide dog ALWAYS have the legal right-of-way. Follow these rules to keep our streets safe:

  1.  Always yield to white cane users.
  2. Stay off the crosswalk! We listen for cars.
  3. Don’t shout, honk or yell instructions to blind pedestrians. It’s confusing.
  4. Don’t block sidewalks, alleys or park across driveways.
  5. Stop at ALL crosswalks where pedestrians are present.
  6. Quiet car? Keep a safe distance from blind pedestrians.
  7. When you turn, always check for pedestrians.
  8. Trust our mobility skills. We’ll stay in our crosswalk as long as you stay in your lane!


Graphic: A Keith Haring-style illustration of two blind pedestrians with canes in a crosswalk. Figures are simple and colorful against an black background. A car is stopped a safe distance from the crosswalk at a stop sign.

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