Ride with Will Butler

Cycle for Sight 2017 is upon us! To support our many wonderful team members in their rides through Napa this year, we’ve created individual team pages where you can donate and share the story of their ride. To view all the 2017 teams, click here.

I’m riding with Sam Offenberg!

Communications director Will Butler laughs as he buttons the top of his shirt in front of a white background

When was your first Cycle for Sight? Never! I’m fresh as the morning dew.

Why do you love riding in Cycle for Sight? As Communications Director at LightHouse, I made this promo video, and it was so convincing that I actually convinced myself! I loved riding bikes as a kid but have not ridden since I became legally blind, and now I’m realizing there’s no reason for me to stop! I am a little nervous about learning tandem though.

What’s your best cycling memory? Riding the river paths between Sebastopol and Santa Rosa, where I grew up. I also loved just riding around the neighborhood with my friends as a kid.

What’s your favorite quote? “There’s got to be more to life than having everything.”

You can support his ride across Napa by donating here.

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