Ride With Kit Lau

Cycle for Sight 2017 is upon us! To support our many wonderful team members in their rides through Napa this year, we’ve created individual team pages where you can donate and share the story of their ride. To view all the 2017 teams, click here.

A woman dressed in white with a orange helmet stands with her bike steadied in front of her.

Kit is riding with Nancy!

When was your first Cycle for Sight?  My first time riding a tandem in Cycle for Sight  was in 1995. This will be my first ride in 21 years.

What’s your best cycling memory? My best Cycle for Sight member was 21 years ago.  We were doing 50 miles. It was a big challenge going up that big hill! A big  shower came in the middle of our ride and we went to a winery  for shelter. They treated us with great food and good wine.

What’s your favorite quote?   “Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.”  -Carol Burnett

Donate to Kit’s Ride

You can support her ride across Napa by donating here.

Sign Up to Ride

You can sign up to ride at Cycle4Sight.com. We are aware that the website has some accessibility issues, so if you’d like us to sign you up, email afletcher@lighthouse-sf.org.

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