Production / Warehouse Assistant


POSITION:          Production / Warehouse Assistant – Box maker & Rework

REPORTS TO:      Production Assistant Packer

STATUS:              NON-EXEMPT

WC CLASS:          Warehouse


Responsible for stenciling & making boxes, & working off machine, plus rework.


Education:    High School Diploma.

Experience:   Two years’ experience in light manufacturing.


  • Check your supplies, making sure that you have enough for the day.
  • Orient the cartons in the proper direction on the work table. Cartons should be checked individually to assure proper location of the marking.
  • Remove the plastic band securing the bundle of cartons.
  • Bundles should be inventoried periodically to make sure the count is correct. There are 15 or 25 cartons per bundle.
  • Orient the stencil guide, ink pad.
  • Get verification from your supervisor on the first carton each day, making sure that there is enough ink on the pad and that the destination is correct.
  • Stencil the cartons and put the completed items in a neat stack on the pallet provided.
  • Open up a stenciled carton.
  • Dispense the tape from the machine.
  • Support production cover for other team members.
  • Make certain tape is properly moistened. Add water to the tape machine if required.
  • Secure the tape to the carton. Leave about 4” of overlap on each side of the carton.
  • Neatly stack the cartons 4 high against the wall.
  • Remove brushes from machine at end of day & put into bucket of water to soak overnight.
  • Keep your area neat and tidy. Empty the trash daily.
  • Let your supervisor know when your task has been completed.
  • Report all accidents or safety concerns to your supervisor at once. Never perform a task if you feel it is unsafe until you talk to a supervisor.
  • Any other duties as assigned by your supervisor.


Send your resume and cover letter to All attachments must be formatted as Word Documents or accessible PDFs. No undescribed image files please.

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