Salesforce for the LightHouse


Welcome to Salesforce for the LightHouse!



1. Getting help
2. Logging into Salesforce
3. Getting oriented
4. Tab headers: The life of a student at the LightHouse
5. Finding a record
6. Browsing records
7. Viewing/Editing information
8. Creating a new record: Staff Units of Service
9. Deleting a record



  1. Getting help


This page attempts to provide some basic information about Salesforce for the LightHouse. If you need assistance or have more specific questions, please contact the System Administrator directly.


  1. Logging into Salesforce


Browser: Firefox is the preferred browser for Salesforce. Minimum requirements: Firefox 41 and Jaws 16. See IT if you do not have Jaws 16 or later.


Website: https://login.salesforce.com

This is the login for everyone. Link is on Intranet or bookmark for future convenience. Keyboard command to bookmark, Ctrl-D.


Login credentials:

username: your work email address (e.g., kishimaru@lighthouse-sf.org)

password: your Salesforce password (you will receive an email to create a new password)

Note: Passwords must be at least 8 characters and a mix of numbers and letters.


Forgot your password?: Clicking this link will prompt you for your username (email address) and send a temporary password via email.


‘Remember Me’ checkbox: Check to auto-fill username whenever you log in – speeds up logging in.


Verification code: Salesforce may require a Verification Code when logging in from a new device. The verification code will be sent to your email.


Security: Salesforce contains sensitive and confidential information, so remember to exercise common sense in protecting this information.



  1. Getting oriented


The interface in Salesforce can be divided into four main areas: Header, Tab Headers, Sidebar, Main Content. Each section has a heading, accessible by Jaws using heading navigation.


Header: Top area contains links for My Settings (changing your password, updating your contact info, changing accessibility options) and a link to Logout.


Tab Headers (Tab Navigation): Navigation region has a heading level 1 called, “Tab Navigation.” Tab headers that contain different types of information or ‘objects’ in Salesforce. The Home tab (first tab) contains information specific to you: your tasks, your calendar events, etc.


Sidebar: Sidebar has 4 headings, Shortcut, Recent Items, Custom Links, and Messages and Alerts. These are links to recently viewed records and other shortcuts.


Main Content: Accessed by locating the second heading level 1 or selecting the “Skip to main content” anchor link at the top of the page. This is the area inside of the selected tab.



  1. Tab Headers: The life of a student at the LightHouse


  1. A prospective student calls up to inquire about services/classes: Inquiry


  1. LightHouse staff follows up. The person is interested! Contact information is collected: Contact


  1. LH staff also finds out program-related information about the person’s background, their vision, conditions that could affect their participation: Profile


  1. LH program staff meets with the student when they enter a program to ask program-specific questions and find out their goals for the program: Participation




  1. Finding a record


Global search: The Header contains a global search field. Type the name of the person you wish to find and click the Search button.


Ex: Glover


Search by first or last name, search for partial names by using the wildcard * symbol.


Ex: smit*


Search results: Results appear in the Main Content area organized by type of record. It might look like this:


Contacts (3)

Mr. John Smith

Ms. Kim Smith

Maggie Smith


Organizations / Households (3)

Kim Smith

Maggie Smith

John Smith



  1. Browsing records


Tabs: Select a tab in the Tab Headers. The Main Content area should display a list of ‘Recent’ records that you have viewed.


Views: Browse a particular list of records by selecting a ‘View’ and click the ‘Go’ button.


Create/Edit Views: You can edit a list view or create a new one by clicking on the Edit/Create New View links next to the Go button. Only you will have access to this View.



  1. Viewing/Editing information


Record Detail: Click on a record to open it. The information displayed will generally be organized by Section Headers.


Related Records: Other records related to this one will be displayed at the bottom of the page.



Contact Detail (Kim Smith)

  • Contact Information Section
    • Name: Kim Smith
    • Nickname: Kimmie..
  • Address Information Section..


Notes & Attachments (related notes & files uploaded)






  1. Creating a new record: Staff Unit of Service


  1. Select the Staff Unit of Service
  2. Click the New button in the Main Content area (UNDER ‘View’).
  3. Select the Type of Staff Unit of Service you are entering. Click Continue.
  4. Enter your information
    1. Activity: Select from the drop-down list;
    2. Date of Activity: Use the drop-down calendar or type in a date. To enter today’s date, click on the link for today’s date next to the field.
    3. *Location: This is a Lookup Click on the magnifying glass icon/link next to the Location field. This will bring up a new ‘Lookup’ window. In the Search field, type a word or letters to search on.




This will result in LightHouse locations: LightHouse Headquarters (SF), LightHouse of Marin, LightHouse of the North Coast.


Note: Your selection will appear as a type-ahead option in the Lookup field next time.


  1. When you are done entering information, click Save to save your record. Click Save & New to save and create a new Staff Unit of Service.


  1. Deleting a record


You can request that a record be deleted:


  1. Select the record you wish to delete;
  2. Click the Edit button;
  3. In the System Information section, click ‘Request Delete’ checkbox and enter your ‘Reason for Deletion’;
  4. This will alert the system administrator to delete the record, which may take a few days or up to a week.