Adult & Youth Music Camps, Session I: 08/3 – 08/9/2020, Session II: 08/11 – 08/15/2020

Students will learn the hallmarks of blind musicianship including individual performance practice, song writing, collaboration in an ensemble, and stage etiquette and performance in a house band. We’ll work with braille music and gain proficiency in accessible recording. Students will be coached on a range of instruments including vocals, guitar, drums/percussion, and piano, and gain valuable insight from guest speakers. Students in the Youth session will finish off the weekend with a performance at the Enchanted Hills Camp 70th Anniversary Party.

Upcoming Sessions

Youth Music Camp: Monday, August 3rd, 2020 through, Sunday August 9th, 2020
** Note: In lieu of the usual Music Camp Concert, students from this session will be performing at the 70th Anniversary Party being held on Satuday, August 8th. More information for 70th Anniversary Party will be available soon.

Adult Music Camp: Tuesday, August 11th, 2020 through Saturday August 15th, 2020
**Note: This session is being held in conjunction with the Woodworking Session