Study Hall: Presented by Emily Hansel (in-person)

Study Hall: Presented by Emily Hansel (in-person)

May 18

MPACt Center for Art & Dance1625 Bush Street, San Francisco

Study Hall, inspired by a series of public conversations on cultivating equitable workplaces, is performed by four dancer-choreographers who share an interest in forging new models for safety, equity, and sustainability in our contemporary dance field. In its final form, Study Hall can accurately be described as both carefully crafted and highly unplanned. Treading the line between set choreography and improvisational score, Study Hall exemplifies both the world building and dismantling that the artists crave.

The haptic access tour at 6:45pm followed by audio described performance at 7:30pm.

Tickets: $15-$55, plus NOTAFLOF

Call 415-404-9596 to reserve an audio description headset and reserve a spot in the haptic tour.

Buy tickets for Study Hall. You may also contact Emily at

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