Queering Dance Festival Frolic (in-person)

Queering Dance Festival Frolic (in-person)

Apr 2

Gravity Access Services, who provide accessibility for live performances in the Bay Area, are offering free tickets for blind/low-vision audience members and their companions to the Queering Dance Festival’s FROLIC on April 2.

The Queering Dance Festival (QDF) presents FROLIC, a live dance performance featuring new works by five commissioned LGBTQ+ dance artists. QDF highlights the artistic work and issues on the minds of the Queer, East Bay dance community through events that are opportunities to make cute connections and enjoy meaningful art!

Live audio description will be offered on Sunday, April 2 at both the 5:30pm and 7:30pm shows. A haptic tour will happen 45 minutes prior to both shows at 4:45 pm and 6:45 pm, respectively.

For those interested in performances with ASL interpretation, those shows are on April 1. RSVP information is below.

Show descriptions for audio-described shows:

5:30 pm  - Program B: Clarissa Dyas | Xochipilli Dance Company (Héctor Jaime & Carmina Márquez)

Haptic tour starts at 4:45 pm

Héctor Jaime presents Insecta with collaborator Carmina Márquez: a moment of transcendental movement of embodying both characteristics of the masculine and feminine simultaneously; and Codornices en pétalos de rosa, an exploration of love.

Clarissa Dyas presents a new duet with collaborator Gabriele Christian.

7:30 pm Program A: Alyah Baker | Scott Duane | Emma Tome
Haptic tour starts at 6:45 pm

Alyah Baker presents Quare Dance, which deconstructs and reimagines ballet through the lens of Black Queer subjectivity, offering a fresh perspective on what ballet is and can be. Based on a research project and installation of the same name, Quare Dance combines movement, text, and adornment to explore the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality.

and this is the sound of my voice, is a solo sound and dance work by emma tome, moving through the terror and relief of recognition. A stumble between dysphoria and euphoria, the dance happens inside a live vocal echo chamber, and reflects the sometimes lonely, aching process of change, transition, and self-knowing.

Scott Duane and collaborators present Join Me on the Hunt, a trio that explores what it means to share their most precious and hard-earned discoveries with one anot

Performances take place at the Live Oak Theater at 1301 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley.

COVID-19 Policy: Masks are required for all audience members inside the lobby and theater.  Performers will be performing unmasked and will be testing throughout the performance week.

Please email jessi@shawl-anderson.org to reserve tickets for the audio-description or ASL performances.

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