Get Moving: O & M For Independent Travel for Adults 55+

Get Moving: O & M For Independent Travel for Adults 55+

Nov 11

What is this Course?

It is a comprehensive 12-class O&M training distance course using the Zoom Video Conference platform to introduce students to foundational O&M concepts, skills, and current technologies for safe and independent travel.

The course is divided into 12 two-hour lessons: two lessons per week over six weeks. The total instruction time for the course is 24 hours.

The 12 essential O&M lessons cover: The Benefits of O&M Training; Overview of Sensory, Spatial & Environmental Awareness; Orientation Strategies and Skills; Tactile Graphics/TMAPS; Human Guide; Protective Techniques; Long Cane Basics; Outdoor Travel; Street Crossing Sequence; Intersection Analysis; Public Transportation & Trip Planning; and Introduction to Electronic Travel Devices, GPS & Wayfinding Technologies.

The course is intended for Bay Area residents who are 55 yrs and older.

Who Would Benefit From this Course?

  • Students who are blind or low vision who have little or no familiarity with O&M.
  • Students with recent vision loss or vision change.
  • Students who self-report that they have lost or have not used their O&M skills.
  • Students who self-report that they are not confident using their learned O&M skills.

This Course is not intended for independent active travelers

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