College Spaces in the Community: Exploring Chinatown (in-person)

College Spaces in the Community: Exploring Chinatown (in-person)

Apr 8

San Francisco is filled with interesting spaces to explore, and this April we’re inviting all College Spaces members to join us for a day in Chinatown. Cool shops and great food are only some of the things that await us, and we are excited to explore this part of the city with you all!

Remember to bring your Clipper cards, money for any shopping and food you might want, and meet us at LightHouse Headquarters, at 1155 Market, San Francisco, by 11:00 am.

College Spaces from Different Places is a peer-led student organization which cultivates connections and community for all undergraduate college students. This group is designed by and for students who are blind and who have low vision to have fun, build community, and share in our struggles and accomplishments. Many undergrads are currently missing out on forming social connections on their own college campus. Therefore, joining College Spaces from Different Places will give you an opportunity to come together with others from across the state. Leave your books and syllabi behind and join us.

RSVP by April 7 to Daisy Soto at 415-694-7328. You may also contact Daisy with any questions.

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