LightHouse employee Frank Welte tries out Theia Immersive

LightHouse Labs

A Rare Conversation and Design Space where tech innovators collaborate with blind engineers, scientists, power users and advocates.

LightHouse Labs is the tech think-tank of the San Francisco LightHouse for the Blind. We promote the creative and intelligent use of technology to open opportunities for our community. This vibrant group of blind and sighted engineers, designers and power users meet monthly to advise startups, big tech and individual developers on the smartest aspects of designing apps, devices and software for the extended blind community.

LightHouse Labs’ mission is to help our partners cultivate a culture of Accessibility Thinking from the bottom up, teaching a deep understanding of what accessibility requires and why.

LightHouse Labs is a community service of the Lighthouse for the Blind in San Francisco. Founded in 2011 by Lighthouse CEO Bryan Bashin, Dr. Joshua Miele, and a core of highly experienced blind experts, we’re building amazing bridges between two vibrant Bay-Area communities: the famous tech world of Silicon Valley/San Francisco, and the rich community of highly-skilled blind and visually-impaired people associated with the San Francisco LightHouse. By strengthening these connections we serve everyone better; developers can make informed choices about accessibility implementation, and blind people get technology that addresses their actual needs. Since its founding, LightHouse Labs has helped dozens of partners, from pre-startup to tech giant, answer difficult accessibility questions at every stage of product development. Even more significantly, we help our partners understand what the blindness community needs and how to produce it.

Join the Conversation

  • Are you or your company planning the development of a product aimed at the blindness or low vision market?
  • Does your company have a mainstream product which you’d like to make accessible for all users, blind and sighted?
  • Does your organization need to learn more about the desires and techniques blind people use in order to serve them better?
  • Do you have a wild idea you think may help blind people but need a safe place to present it to a thoughtful, honest and confidential group?
  • Or do you just want to begin to learn about blindness design needs because you’re fascinated with universal design and blind-positive technology?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we invite you to join LightHouse Labs. Click here to join us at a future meeting.

Fill out the above form and you’ll be contacted with further information about how to get involved in each month’s meeting, and if you indicate that you would like to present, you will be contacted directly.