Kitchen Assistant

Kitchen Assistant – Department of Rehabilitation Seasonal Trainee

The LightHouse for the Blind is excited to offer a new training opportunity at Enchanted Hills Camp this spring. Enchanted Hills Camp will offer two training positions to interested clients willing to learn the necessary skills associated with working in the food service industry.

In order to qualify for this training opportunity, potential applicants must demonstrate the necessary prerequisites of independent living skills, orientation and mobility skills and physical stamina to enter into the program. A two hour on-line food handlers training will be required to complete the program.

Chosen applicants will learn the following skills:

1.) Assist in the daily operations of the camp food service.

  • Assist in the preparation of food as the menu indicates including washing and peeling.
  • Set up food, supplies, and utensils for dining hall distribution.
  • Store food and leftovers at proper temperature.
  • Assist in unloading, moving and storing supplies

2.) Assist in routine sanitation of the kitchen and related equipment.

  • Clean and maintain all food-preparation and storage areas.
  • Wash all dishes, serving and preparation equipment, and utensils according to regulated washing methods and temperatures.
  • Reduce waste, reuse items, and recycle as indicated through the camp’s procedures.

3.) Assist in the preparation and packaging of food for use outside the camp dining hall.

  • Work with cooks and other staff in reviewing pack out requests to ensure adequate and accurate amounts and variety.
  • Prepare and store pack out food according to camp and health code procedures.

The six week training will take place from April 28 thru June 6, 2014 and will include 30 hours of training per week. Upon successful completion of this training, clients will have the necessary skills and abilities to confidently apply for an entry level position in the food service industry.

For enrollment information, please contact Debbie Bacon at or phone (415) 694-7357