LightHouse Interpoint

LightHouse Interpoint: perspectives from the world’s best blind writers.

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Dinosaur: On Drawing While Blind
My shame deepened as my voice became firmer. “No,” I said with the questionable authority which came both from my
Notes from the Dark: Diaries of a Blind Restaurant Server
"The context of darkness changed them, not me"
How vs. Why: Advice from a Blind Filmmaker
A blind documentarian gives tips on life, photography, and explaining yourself as a visually impaired filmmaker.
Warriors: Shaking Off the Underdog Narrative
"I’m more aware now of how tangled up my identity is with my fandom."
Firangi: Confessions of an Albino Muslim in India
A muslim Indian woman struggles with an unlikely challenge: white privilege.
Anthony Don’t: On Blindness and the Portrayal of Marie-Laure in ‘All The Light We Cannot See’
A blind professor has a strong view on a popular novel. Hint: it's not favorable.
Stump Speech: A Blind Journalist Talks with a Blind Politician
A Yale-educated political junkie wants to be known for her journalism, not her blindness.
On Being Who I Am: My Life as a Tall Blind Woman
Being tall, blind, and female all present unique challenges – but they're more similar than you might think.
LightHouse Interpoint: Weekly Essays by the Best Blind Writers
“Interpoint,” strictly speaking, is a term used in braille production to describe a two-sided braille page. Both a non-visual marvel

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