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What happens when you gather forty-four jobseekers with twenty employment facilitators over a period of four days? You get depth, intensity, focus, support, and a big dose of the reality that a good jobseeker needs.

The LightHouse held its first Employment Summit in early September 2011, in the natural setting of our beautiful Enchanted Hills Retreat in Napa, California. Away from the noise of urban/suburban life, the Summit encouraged jobseekers, all of whom are blind or visually impaired, to listen and to re-evaluate how they approached finding a job.

Below you will find direct links to the 24 presentations offered during the September 2011 Employment Summit.

If you are blind or visually impaired and are ready to start looking for work in a systematic way, the LightHouse would love to partner with you. Please contact Kate Williams at or 415-694-7324 to learn more about our Employment Immersion program.

If you have never worked or are transitioning from school or college and want some work experience to learn what else you need to get that next great job, please contact Debbie Bacon about our Blind Leaders program at or 415-694-7357.

To read more about the September 2011 Employment Summit, click here.

Individual Presentations are not chronological but are listed in alphabetical order by last name of presenter, followed by the three panel discussions.

(Please note: Marty Nemko’s presentation contains LightHouse CEO Bryan Bashin’s introduction to the Summit)

Elcio Barcelos

Elcio Barcelos is VP, Global Staffing at Hewlett-Packard.
Who Do I Hire? – Elcio Barcelos (YouTube)

Julie Bentley

Julie Bentley is a Certified Personal Coach and is owner of Designs of Life Coaching.
No Opinion Required – Julie Bentley (YouTube)

Mike Bullis

Mike Bullis is Executive Director of The Image Center in Baltimore, Maryland.
Why Should I go to work? – Mike Bullis (YouTube)
Reinventing Myself 14 times – Mike Bullis (YouTube)
First Impressions in the Work Place – Mike Bullis (YouTube)
Stop Holding your Breath and Waiting for Perfection – Mike Bullis (YouTube)

Stacy Cervenka

Stacy Cervenka is a former Legislative Assistant for U.S. Senator Sam Brownback of Republican, Kansas. Stacy talks about blindness skills you absolutely must have under your belt to be employable.
Three Skills You Can’t Do Without – Stacy Cervenka (YouTube)

Tim Ford

Tim Ford is an attorney with CA State Dept. of Health and Human Services.
Be Your Own Job Developer! – Tim Ford (YouTube)

Gena Harper

LightHouse Board member Gena Harper is a Senior Vice President-Wealth Management, Senior Investment Management Consultant and a CIMA at Morgan Stanley.
Making Yourself Indispensable on the Job – and then getting your employer to give you what you want – Gena Harper (YouTube)

Kathryn Kemp

Kathryn Kemp is a Certified Professional Coach and is principal of Team Research Coaching.
Coaching for Success: There is No Difference between the Blind and Sighted World – Kathryn Kemp (YouTube)

Lisamaria Martinez

Lisamaria Martinez is Donor Relations Coordinator at LightHouse for the Blind.
Faking Confidence – Lisamaria Martinez (YouTube)

Peggy Martinez

Peggy Martinez is Accessibility Manager at Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind. Peggy talks about the importance of note taking and nurturing your network of people.
Note Taking & Effective Access Technology – Peggy Martinez (YouTube)

Mike May

LightHouse Honorary Board member Mike May is President and CEO of Sendero Group.
Working a Room and Working the World – Mike May (YouTube)
Taking the Next Scary Steps – Mike May (YouTube)

Julie McCarthy

Julie McCarthy is Director of Human Resources at LightHouse for the Blind.
The Dragon Woman’s Interview Disasters and How to Avoid Them – Julie McCarthy (YouTube)
Once you get that job, how to stay employed: Tips HR Should Have Told You – Julie McCarthy (YouTube)

Marty Nemko

Named by the San Francisco Bay Guardian as “The Bay Area’s Best Career Coach”, Marty Nemko has been a Career Coach for 26 years and is the host of Work with Marty Nemko on 91.7 FM for the past 24 years.
Introduction by LightHouse CEO Bryan Bashin/What Every Blind Job Seeker Must Know and Probably Doesn’t! – Marty Nemko (YouTube)

Silvana Rainey

Silvana Rainey is Co-Founder of Adaptive Technology Services.
Effective People I Know – Silvana Rainey (YouTube)

Joe Xavier

Joe Xavier is Deputy Director at the California Department of Rehabilitation, Blind Field Services.
Dairy to DOR – Joe Xavier (YouTube)
Keeping your Head, Staying Unflappable – Joe Xavier (YouTube)

Panel Discussions

Panel Discussion – Who Do I Hire?

  • LightHouse Board member Stephen Dobbs is a retired professor, scholar and retired CEO of Marin Community Foundation, Buck Trust as well as retired Executive Director of the Koret Foundation.
  • Joe Xavier is Deputy Director at the California Department of Rehabilitation, Blind Field Services.
  • Kirk Adams is CEO at Seattle LightHouse for the Blind.

Who Do I Hire? – Panel Discussion (YouTube)

Panel Discussion – Work-Life Balance

  • Theresa Duncan is Alumni Association Director at Guide Dogs for the Blind.
  • Linda Porelle is a Social Worker at LightHouse for the Blind.
  • Richard Rueda was, at the time of this recording, Director of Community Services at LightHouse for the Blind.

Work-Life Balance – Panel Discussion (YouTube)

Panel Discussion – What You Wanted to Know from Recruiters, but were afraid to Ask

  • Kate Williams is Leader of the LightHouse Employment Immersion Program.
  • David Walker is owner of Head of Walker Executive Search.
  • George Matthews is Principal of George Matthews and Associates.

What You Wanted to Know from Recruiters, but were afraid to Ask – Panel Discussion (YouTube)

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