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ADA Consulting: UX, Signage and Exhibits

At the LightHouse in San Francisco, we have a team of experts who offer the following services on a contract basis:

  • Review braille signage for contractors, institutions, and others
  • Consult on blind user experience
  • Advise on accessible exhibits and museum work
  • Consult on creative and experimental projects involving accessible graphics and media

Our credentials cover 2010 ADA and 2013 CBC Signage Approval as well as current W3 web and accessibility standards.

For Museum and Other Public Exhibits

Complaints, consent decrees, and potential lawsuits may be far more expensive and detrimental to an entity’s reputation then folding accessibility in from the start.

Expert in advanced blind design, the LightHouse for the Blind and its team of consultants has experience improving accessibility for museums, government and cultural institutions.

The scope of our expertise includes:

  • Tactile and acoustic exhibits
  • Braille brochures and plaques
  • GPS activated audio tours
  • Maps and diagrams accessible through sound and touch
  • Consulting on how to accommodate individuals with disabilities
  • Access Technology
  • 508 compliant web accessibility testing
  • Human guide training
  • Professional recording of signage, exhibit descriptions, and written materials
  • Blindness and Dog Guide etiquette

Let the LightHouse help you make your exhibition accessible to the 20% of the U.S. population that has a disability. Hiring the LightHouse sends the right message: that blind and visually impaired visitor’s needs, safety and right to accessible information is a priority.

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Web Accessibility and UX Testing

An estimated 25.2 million adult Americans report they either “have trouble” seeing, even when wearing glasses or contact lenses, or are blind. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act requires all websites developed, maintained, procured or used by the U.S. Federal Government to be accessible to people with disabilities. As experts in web accessibility, the LightHouse can help ensure universal access to your site.

Whether you operate a business, work in government or operate a nonprofit, our experts partner with your team to identify areas of your site that need to be updated, provide specific recommendations and support to correct each issue, and re-test as needed until your site is 100% compliant. Let us apply our years of experience to your web content.

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