Counselor in Training Program (CIT)

Counselor in Training Program (CIT) at Enchanted Hills Camp – for clients of the Department of Rehabilitation

The Enchanted Hills Camp Counselor in Training Program (CIT) focuses on developing blind/low vision leaders through training, discussion, observation and practice under the supervision of the administrative staff at camp.

This program is designed for Department of Rehabilitation Clients between the ages of 18-22 years that are blind or low vision and are serious about improving their leadership skills by learning to work with children and/or adults in a rigorous camp setting. The importance in this training program is the hands on experience CITs will gain by working with campers and with the EHC counseling staff. CITs, upon completion of the Enchanted Hills Camp CIT program, will be better prepared to work with adults, their peers and children of all ages, interests, and abilities. They will also walk away with new friendships and have developed a strong work ethic that they can apply to any leadership experience. We encourage applicants with a variety of previous camping experiences to apply.

The five week training will take place from June 25th thru July 26th and will include 30 hours of training per week while earning a minimum wage salary. Upon successful completion of this training, clients will have the necessary skills and abilities to confidently apply for an entry level position in the camp and recreation service industry.

For enrollment information, please contact Debbie Bacon at or phone (415) 694-7357

Expectations of CITs

  • Adhere to the policies established in the Staff Handbook
  • Be a positive role-model for campers
  • Communicate blindness-positive philosophy
  • Demonstrate independent travel skills
  • Demonstrate a strong work ethic
  • Develop conflict resolution skills
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Meet daily with supervisor in a group setting for evaluation
  • Provide a safe and healthy environment for campers
  • Read from suggested best practices reading list prior to summer assignment
  • Support the mission of the camp

CIT Responsibilities

  • Assist counselors and Area Leaders with management of campers
  • Promote Independence
  • Motivate campers to use non-visual techniques
  • Participate in the development of program activities designed specifically for blind campers.
  • Incorporate active participation in camp meals, clean up and other daily functions through fun activities
  • Communicate with staff about problems or issues that arise with campers
  • Adapt all activities so that all campers can participate fully, regardless of their level of vision
  • Work with counselors to resolve disciplinary issues that arise with campers
  • Be active participants and assist staff during specialist, program and group time
  • Assist campers in being successful with games, projects and activities
  • Facilitate independence in camper participation
  • Participate in activities with campers
  • Assist counselors and Area Leaders in enforcing rules and instructions
  • Assist in leading activities during downtime
  • Assist in the set-up and facilitation of camp events such as theme days
  • Serve as escorts for campers needing extra assistance
  • Assume additional, reasonable responsibilities as assigned by the counselors, Area Leaders and administrative team