LightHouse offices are closed for in-person services through July 1, 2021. Check the calendar below for our offering of online classes.

August 2019
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Jul 28 Jul 29

1:00 pm: Guest Speaker Series: Claire Spector, Textile Artist

Jul 30 Jul 31 Aug 1

10:00 am: ASL/VIP Tactile Expressive Arts

10:00 am: Knitting

Aug 2

Category: Special Events12:00 pm: Giving Blood, Giving Life: Bay Area Blind Community's Day of Giving Blood Drive

1:00 pm: Talking Titles

Aug 3

10:00 am: Master Class: Claire Spector, Tactile Textiles

1:00 pm: Superfest Disability Film Festival Showcase at the Exploratorium

Aug 4 Aug 5 Aug 6 Aug 7 Aug 8

10:00 am: Knitting

Aug 9 Aug 10

4:00 pm: Enchanted Hills Summer Music Concert and BBQ

Aug 11 Aug 12 Aug 13 Aug 14

10:00 am: Will or Trust? Which is a Better Choice for Me?

Aug 15

10:00 am: Knitting

Aug 16

4:00 pm: Dinner and Bingo

Aug 17
Aug 18 Aug 19 Aug 20 Aug 21 Aug 22

10:00 am: Knitting

Aug 23 Aug 24
Aug 25 Aug 26 Aug 27 Aug 28 Aug 29

10:00 am: Knitting

Aug 30 Aug 31

The events for the upcoming week are read aloud on our event hotline every Friday, which can be accessed by calling (415)694-7325.
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The LightHouse is scent-free. Please abstain from wearing colognes, perfumes, or other scented products. Additionally, coffee must be securely lidded at all times and citrus should not be peeled on the premises. Thanks for supporting our efforts to respect chemical sensitivities.